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Last Updated  03/18/05 --- Wijk ann Zee 2005




Best chess links

  1. Week in Chess ,tournaments,news

  2. Chesscafe ,book reviews,archives

  3. Chess Siberia ,chess games,theory

  4. Educational chess games

  5. Chess curiocities

  6. 500,000 chess games in pgn format

  7. Chess games analysis by Eco code  ,openings

  8. Free chess books and lessons


Download software to read cbf, cbh, cbv and pgn chess files

Annotated Games of the Year : FIDE World-ch 2004 -- Calvia Olympiad 2004 -- Russian -Ch 2004 -- Wijk ann Zee 2005



Endgame Lessons

  1. Pawns endings a technic to win easy endgame1

  2. Rook+knight+pawns angainst Rook+bishop+pawns  endgame2

  3. Knight + Pawns angainst Knight + Pawns       endgame3

  4. Rook+Pawn ---Knight + nPawns  n>2


Gmasters best games

  1. V.Kramnik's 40 best games  with comments




The  best Chess games of the last 31 years from the greatest tournaments in chess history.Games from Kasparov,Fischer,Karpov,
Tal,Kramnik,Anand,and other grandmasters